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Why Have A Mobile Website?

Google's internal search data has shown that mobile searches have quadrupled since 2010.

Do you have a mobile website for your business?

If not, you're missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Without a mobile website, you are leaving a whole heap of money on the table!!

(Click WEBSITE to read what website expert Lorrie Ross of Website Marketing Today has to say about the marketing benefits of being mobile)

  • Research shows that adding a mobile website can increase the total traffic to your website by at least 13%
  • 48% of U.S. cell phone owners access the internet from their mobile device. 
  • Over 54% of local searches are now done on mobile devices. 
  • There are twice as many web capable mobile devices today than there are internet connected PC's.

Why is having a mobile website so important? Check out these facts and statistics, which come straight from Google:

* We use our phones everywhere. In fact, 33 percent of smart phone users use their smart phone while watching TV and 22 percent use them while reading the newspaper (are you using your smart phone right now?)

* People love their smart phones. A survey found that one in three smart phone users would give up chocolate just to keep using their phones. Chocolate. If that doesn't prove people love their smart phones, nothing will.

* People use their smart phones to find local businesses just like yours. Ninety five percent of smart phone users will use their phone to search for local information and 88 percent will take action within a day, whether it's to call or visit a business (it could be your business -- or it could be your competitor's business, depending on who has a mobile-friendly website).

* Did you know that 71 percent of smart phone users who see an ad on TV, in the newspaper or online will do a mobile search?

*Or that 74 percent of smart phone users make a purchase based on a mobile search?

* One of the most popular activities for smart phone users is shopping, with 79 percent using their smart phones to help with shopping, whether it's to get coupons, check to see if a product is in stock or read reviews.

*Surveys by Adobe and eMarketer have shown that 81 percent of users prefer mobile websites to compare prices, 79 percent prefer mobile websites to get product reviews and 64 percent prefer mobile websites to purchase products.

In statistics reported this year by insightexpress, mobile users are four times more likely to purchase something than regular Internet users.

Retailers have typically responded to this trend by ensuring that their Web sites are optimized for mobile browsers.

Is YOUR website optimized for mobile?

A mobile website makes it really easy for people to find you when they're out and about using their mobile phones. More people = more sales. Yes, but why a MOBILE website? Isn't my regular site good enough? Let's see.....

Mobile Website Compare

 "Standard" websites are too wide and load very slowly for most mobile devices.
"Mobile" websites are optimized to look good and load very fast on most mobile devices.

Increased revenues: In 2009, eBay posted $600 million in mobile commerce revenues. Just one year later, the company got over $1.5billion in mobile sales.

Publisher and developer opportunities: Since its iPhone launch, Apple has generated five billion App Store downloads, paying over $1 billion to publishers and developers.

Rapid growth: Within just 100 days, both Marriott and Pizza Hut realized more than $1 million in revenues from their respective mobile web sites, and according to IBM, Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving).

Do you want your visitors to stay and buy....or get frustrated and leave?

45% of mobile browsers left a website because it either wouldn't load on their phone or it was too slow in loading.

Regular websites are hard for mobile users to use as they have scroll side to side as well as up and down. 38% left sites because they were too hard to use.

A scant 9% of smart phone users actually completed their purchase on their phones.

The final 8% abandoned their purchase due to unnamed factors.

 Purchase Stats

With millions connecting to the Internet every day from their mobile devices, you can instantly maximize your income just by plugging into this dramatic change in the way that people look for information.

In fact, this massive marketing system is a surefire solution to taking your business to the next level. If you spend just a few minutes transforming your website into a mobile-friendly webspace, you will instantly attract MORE visitors which leads to MORE customers which equates to MORE sales, instantly!

Moby Web Pro will optimize your site for mobile browsing. You will not lose your standard site. Your mobile site can be set up as a totally separate website ( ) or as a sub-domain of your current site ( or a folder within your current domain (

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