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How Do SMS and Long Codes Work?

SMS - Short Messsage System (160 characters and spaces)  Long Code - a 10 digit mobile phone number.

You simply choose a keyword that matches what you are trying to sell or get leads for. For example, if you are Tony's Italian Deli, you might choose GIFT (for Good Italian Food Today) as your keyword; Carol's Bakery may choose BREAD;
Impress Mobile has Demo*(see below).

You ask your customers and prospects to text that keyword (GIFT) to your shortcode (69302).  You can promote this in the restaurant by having the wait staff mention it, or printed on the register receipt, or a sign on the door.  You could even use a QR Code with "text GIFT to 69302 for special deals and coupons" embedded in it -

When someone texts GIFT to 69302, you receive an incoming text message with the sender's mobile #.  That mobile # is stored in your database for future mobile marketing campaigns, and they receive the response that you have chosen such as:

"Thank you for signing up for our mobile rewards program.  Show this text message to the cashier the next time you dine with us and receive {free coffee or a free soft drink or free desert with your meal or 10% off your bill} or whatever offer you want to extend.  This will expire {give a firm date a week or 2 away}."

Using our Short Code and SMS applications, you can reply with a simple text message as above, hold a contest or vote, or send a link to a mobile web page.

Whether you want to send a simple text message response, a website address or connect to an elaborate SMS application; with Moby Web Pro you'll be connected instantly! Our Mobile Marketing service is simply the easiest and most inexpensive way to integrate text messaging into your business.

Mobile Marketing is no longer just for big brands! With Moby Web Pro, small to medium sized businesses can have the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost.


Text   demo   to   6084780711   to test a LongCode.

Text   stop   to   6084780711   to cancel all future texts.


 QR Code for SMS Long Code



You could even make a QR Code with "text Gift to 6084780711 for special deals and coupons".



Suggested Uses:



 Automotive sales

     Coupons      Discounts      New Product or Service

     New Products

      Sales      Sales
     Lead Generator      Events - Bands, Live Music      Lead Generator




     Alerts      Alerts      New Shows
     Reminders      Reminders      Upcoming Events



Real Estate

     Tee time reminders      Appt Reminders      Listing Info
     Discounts      Payment Reminders      Home Updates
     Closures      Openings in Schedule      Appt Reminders


Oil Change Shops

Hairdressers & Salons

     Alerts       Discount Coupons      Appointment Reminders
     Reminders       Time/Mileage Reminders      Special Sales

Limited Time Services

Limited Time Services

     PTA Meetings