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Text Messaging - Long Codes and SMS (Short Messaging System)

Text   Vip       to   608-478-0711   to test a shortcode. 

Text   stop     to   608-478-0711   to cancel all future texts.

XFactor Mobile SMS 

"Text VOTE to 855-336-9301 to vote for Melanie Amaro"

How often have you seen ads like this on The X Factor, on TV, on billboards in magazines or newspapers 

Just when we finally get used to seeing everybody constantly talking on their cell phones, it suddenly seems like no one is talking at all. Instead, they're texting, typing away on tiny numerical pads, using their cell phones to send quick messages.  SMS, or text messaging, has replaced talking on the phone for a new "thumb generation" of texters.

A study byABI Research shows that consumers are increasingly comfortable communicating via SMS. According to Informa, 2010 SMS traffic in the United States was 1.1 trillion messages.

ABI’s data also found that consumers worldwide will send more than 7 trillion text messages in 2011, indicating that SMS is the the key communication tool of the modern era.

90% of the U.S. population sends and receives text messages, according to Nielsen.

  • 93 percent of the US population have cell phones 
  • 173.2 billion text messages are sent monthly 
  • Over 97 percent of those messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them 
  • Over 83 percent are read within an hour. 
  • Pew research study says that 31% of cell phone users PREFER getting a text over a call. 
  • Demograpic group 18-29 average 88 texts per day. 
  • Text message advertising has a response rate of over 30 percent. That's almost 6 x's more than direct mail, paper ads or email; and it is at a fraction of the costs of those media. 
  • SMS vs Email - see the comparison HERE

 MS vs Email -

Target is using mobile coupons to drive sales and build loyalty. Consumers can "opt in" by registering at the company's online or mobile Web sites, or by texting the word "coupons" to 827438.


Coupons, which will be issued on a monthly basis, can be redeemed right at checkout, no scissors required. The move follows a new Yankee Group report stating that 73 percent of mobile subscribers wish to receive mobile coupons.


The report also says that mobile coupon redemption increased tenfold in 2010, and will be followed by triple-digit increases in both 2011 and 2012. With those figures in mind it's easy to see what sparked Target to make the move.

Long codes are special 10 digit telephone numbers that can be used to send text messages and coupons to ALL mobile phones.

You may have heard of "short codes" and wonder what the difference is.  While both are "permission based" (customer has to agree to accept messages from you) and can deliver short messages and coupons to cell phones, many cell phone companies have restricted the use of (or banned altogether) short codes. 

Long codes, since they are "regular" telephone numbers, have not and will not be restricted or banned, so your messages are sure to get through to youir intended receivers.

Short Code companies tout their "short" number of digits (4, 5, or 6) that a customer has to type in, thus making it easier to use. This is true. But the customer is only going to type in the Short Code or the Long Code ONCE.

They type it in ONCE to give their permission to the business to send them coupons, that's it!!


Text Vip to 608-478-0711 to test a shortcode.

Text stop to 608-478-0711 to cancel all future texts.

SMS Messaging

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Pricing for Long Codes with SMS (Short Message Service)



Phone #'s

# of Keywords

Text Msgs/Mo*

Monthly Cost

Semi Annual- Save 10%

Yearly - 2 Months FREE!!





$ 97.00

$ 524.00

$ 970.00






$ 794.00




*** Unlimited






*Months run for 30 days, not from the 2nd to the 2nd or the 13th to the 13th, etc.

Please note that unused messages each month ROLL OVER into next month's limit!!
Additional Text Messages can be purchased "ala carte" as well.
All Packages Come Bundled With These Features:

Access your long code instantly  
No Contract Required - month to month signup 
No limit on number of subscribers 
Integrate with mobile app(s) and/or website(s)
No limit on Incoming Text Messages  
Be Notified of Signups via Email and/or Text Message 
Organize contacts into Groups (no limit) 
Notify customers that work is done or "your table is ready"
Unlimited number of Keywords
Create mobile polls and contests 
Mobile Keyword(s) can be changed at any time