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QR Code Reader Apps

You need a QR Reader to be able to actually read the codes.  You do not need to pay for a reader as there are lots of readers out there that are free and work well.  However, not all readers work on all phones. 

The best way to find a good QR Code reader app for you phone is to look on the internet for your particular brand of phone. You can also ask your friends what they are using. If they don't have one or ask you "What are you talking about?", first tell them to go to to see what they are and then continue reading below for some guidance.

iPhone: almost all iPhone readers are available through the iTunes store.  Don't pay for a reader.  These are free.
(Click on the reader's name to go to where you can upload it to your phone)

  • i-nigma 4 - one of the most popular readers for the iPhone (FREE)
  • QR Reader - an oldie but a goodie (FREE)
  • TapReader - this one has mixed reviews on iTunes (FREE) 
  • QR Scanner - good reviews (FREE) 
  • i-Nigma - the #1 downloaded reader for supported phones. (FREE - older version)
  • Optiscan - one of the most current, up-to-date readers ($1.99)

Android: appbrain and the android market have free QR code readers for you.  Some of the best in my opinion are:

  • QRdvark - awesome reader and my personal favorite (FREE)
  • QRDroid - another easy-to-use reader (FREE)
  • i-Nigma - The #1 downloaded reader that supports most android phones (FREE)
  • Kaywa - good reader for supported phones  (FREE) 
  • Barcode Scanner - on most android phones as part of the included apps (FREE)   



  • Nokia - standard QR reader comes with the phone
  • Quickmark - works on Android and Windows Mobile phones  
  • SnapMaze - QR reader for Sony Ericcson, Motorola and Nokia phones
  • Upcode - a variety of phones are supported including Windows Mobile, UIQ, Blackberry, iSymbian, UIQ and others.

If none of the above are satisfactory, simply put "QR Reader for {make of phone}" (without the quotes) into Google or your favorite search engine and you should come up with several alternatives.

There is no one reader that is good for all phones.  Even within the 3 most popular phone systems (iPhone, Android and Android), users have their own preferences among the many choices.  Try 3 or 4, see which one(s) you like the best.