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Here are some examples of QR (2D) Codes

Tap IMAGES to see the QR Codes on your Mobile Device if they aren't visible.


 QR Code Text

      Basic Information Text

MA Tag

Microsoft Tag QR Code

 QR Code Map

QR Code Map

 QR Code 10 Percent Off coupon

10% Off Coupon

QR Code Colored Corners

    vCard with Colored Corners

QR Code with Moby Logo 

QR Code with Logo in Code

QR Code on Polo Shirt

QR Code w/Information on Shirt

QR Code for Ski Lift

Ski Lift Coupon in QR Code

Target QR Code


Target QR Code on Bedding

Real Estate QR Code

Real Estate Sign with QR Code pointing to house details on web



QR safety tips

  • Never implicitly trust any QR code. Be suspicious and alert when you go to use it.
  • Make sure you have security software installed on your mobile device. The vast majority of smartphone, tablet and e-reader users currently do not have any security software installed. Yet these devices can be even more susceptible to malicious attacks by cyber criminals. Free and paid security software solutions are available for most device platforms.
  • If QR code takes you to a web page which asks you to provide your user name, password, bank account details, and/or credit card details, then the person behind the web page is either a thief or an idiot! Do not provide those details to them.
  • If a QR code takes you to a web page where you need to login, don’t login. Instead, go directly to the web page by putting the correct URL into your browser address bar, or via some other trusted means. Doing this means you are much less likely to fall victim to a phishing scam.