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Text   vip1   to   69302   to test a shortcode.

Text   stop   to   69302   to cancel all future texts.

This is the email you, the business owner, will receive when someone sends your keyword to your shortcode number as above:

Short Code SMS email

 This is an example of the text message you will receive when someone sends your keyword to your shortcode number:

N=6088865739   K=Vip1**     

N is the phone number that requested the information (customer's cell phone number).
K is the keyword that they typed in. 

**Some businesses may have more than 1 keyword so it is helpfuld to know what keyword was typed in.

You can now send 1, 2 or 3 text messages a month to this person.


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We will give you a free, 1/2 hour consultation on how you can be a part of and profit from SMS and Short Codes. 

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