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Your "regular" website usually has a lot of pictures and maybe some videos and perhaps banner ads and Adsense ads.

 Standart Website

Moby Web Pro Not Mobile Optimized


 Mobile Friendly Website

Moby Web Pro Mobile Optimized

  This causes your website to load very slowly on a mobile phone since the internet connection on a mobile phone is dramatically slower than
the internet connection most of us have at home. Mobile users want information and they want it NOW!!

  They are not willing to wait for 1 or 2 minutes for your site to load. If it takes too long.... GONE!!

  Many standard websites don't look good on a phone as they cause the user to have to scroll too much, especially to the right, to see what is
  on the page. The pages are simply too wide to fit effectively on a small phone screen. If users have to scroll to the right .... GONE!!

  "A picture is worth a thousand words" A very apt description of bandwidth usage! Too many pictures .... GONE!!*

  *Many people have mobile plans that limit the amount of bandwidth they can download per month. Pictures are very bandwidth intensive and
  mobile users will usually shy away from websites that have a lot of pictures as they don't want to "waste" their bandwidth on pictures. If they
  go over their bandwidth limit, they have to pay for any extra that they use.

  Mobile sites, on the other hand, are mostly text so bandwidth usage is at a minimum.

  Mobile sites are fast and easy to load, easy to read and easy to navigate. Thus they are actually used by the mobile customer.

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