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Mobile Websites - QR (2D) Codes - Long Codes- SMS (Short Message System)

According to a mobile research study by ForeSee, almost 50 percent of shoppers use their smartphones’ browsers to look at competitor Web sites while in-store, often using geo-location to point the shopper in the direction of the least expensive local alternatives.

Retailers have typically responded to this trend by ensuring that their Web sites are optimized for mobile browsers.

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Mobile Websites - a version of your current website that can be accessed and read on a small screen like your phone. The majority of mobile phones users are browsing, searching and buying on the Internet using their handsets. .Click Mobile Websites to see why you need a mobile website.


QR (2D) Codes- those cute little "squiggly" boxes you have seen in magazines, on TV and on clothes and other items. You will be amazed at what this cute little box can do for your business. Click QR Codesand find out if these little guys could help you increase your business.

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Long Codes have a variety of uses including (but not limited to) online voting (XFactor), coupons and appointment reminders.

Want to try one for yourself to see how it works?  Text demo to 608-478-0711 (message and data rates may apply depending on your plan.)  Click Long Codes for more information..


SMS (Short Message System) which is a GOLD MINE for small businesses and can increase your business at warp speed. You simply send a text message to people who have agreed to receive them from you and... instant sales. POWERFUL!! Click SMS to see how your business can benefit by using SMS

SMS on Mobile Phone.

You don't need to participate in all aspects of mobile marketing, but you do need to participate in at least one or two of them...  more>>>