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Long Codes and Text Messaging are NOT expensive!! 

Thanks to Moby Web Pro, Text Messaging is now within the reach of even the most austere budget!! In fact, we are so sure that you will be blown away with the marketing power of short codes/text messaging that we will give you 30 day free trial using 1 number and 1 keyword.
*Note:  You may cancel your plan at any time by emailing Due to the low cost of your first month, no refunds can be given.

Long codes, like phone numbers, are unique to each customer.

  • When you text "keyword" to "longcode number", you will receive 2 text messages. The first one will indicate what you are signing up for and how you can "opt-out" of the long code.
  • The second one is your personal message of approximately 120 characters.

It is not just the businesses who benefit from the mobile marketing, but customers also win. They can keep updates of the latest service or products launched by a company or use the coupons as they shop.  There are no coupons to clip and no keychain cards or "reward cards" to try to keep track of.


If a restaurant, bar or pizza place is having a "slow" night, they can use the SMS service to send a text message to their customers offering a "buy 1 get 1 free" cup of coffee, tap beer or soft drink or a discount on a large pizza.  The message goes out and is received by the potential customer in a matter of minutes. 


"Special - FREE coffee or soft drink with every dinner ordered today from 5PM to 7PM. Show this to the cashier to receive your free drink"


"Stop in today between 4PM and 6PM and get our chicken tenders for only $2.99 (regular price $4.99). Show this to the cashier to receive your discounted price"


"Buy one get one FREE today only from 6PM - 9PM.  Show this to the bartender for your FREE DRINK!!


Customers can take advantage of the special offer right now and the business's "slow" night becomes a good one.  It is a "win / win" situation.


Try my longcode below to see how it works:



Text   10   to 608-467-1232  to test a longcode.

Text   stop   to   608-467-1232   to cancel all future texts.


Be sure to check with your provider to determine any additional costs that may be involved with "dialing" longcodes as message and data rates may apply.

I’m pretty sure the following things pop into your head when you think of Short Codes and Text Messaging... "Awesome", "I need it","I want it" and "How on earth do I get started with something like this?"



Pricing for Long Codes with SMS (Short Message Service)




Phone #'s

# of Keywords

Text Msgs/Mo*

Monthly Cost

Semi Annual- Save 10%

Yearly - 2 Months FREE!!





$ 97.00

$ 524.00

$ 970.00










*** Unlimited






*Months run for 30 days from the day you start, from the 2nd to the 2nd or the 13th to the 13th, etc.

Please note that unused messages each month ROLL OVER into next month's limit!!
Additional Text Messages can be purchased "ala carte" as well.

All Packages Come Bundled With These Features:

Access your long code instantly
Mobile Appointment Reminders
No limit on number of subscribers
Integrate with mobile app(s) and/or website(s)
No limit on Incoming Text Messages
No Contract Required - month to month signup
Organize contacts into Groups (no limit)
Create mobile polls and contests
Mobile Keyword(s) can be changed at any time
Be Notified of Signups via Email and/or Text Message
Can Purchase Additional Keywords
Notify customers that work is done or "your table is ready"